Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Why this Kolaveri Di??

Why this Kolaveri Di ??

As I step out of my house after catching some Zz's. Thinking about the beautiful and tiring day ahead and eventually figuring out days work and college’s routine haphazard and I gaze ahead  passing through narrow lanes and as I raise my head I am greeted by some horrible, monstrous, ugly faces glaring at me from the electricity poles. Hoardings greet me every morning a very Happy Independence day making me actually realize that we are an independent country.  And then the frightful image appears to me as someone wishing and celebrating the birthday for 365 days of his beloved bloody neta to whom I have never seen in our lane. His gazing and smiling face makes my imagination pot boiling to see his animated version saying that “I am the one who has snarfed your tax money and your obnoxious behavior will not strike me down”. Then I just frown to what you call praja and raja differences moving out to see more and more gruesome faces wishing me Diwali, Christmas, and new year eve.  Where on earth is one festival celebrated for 365 days?  Silly netas!!
     Hoardings in the vasai-virar region has left me disgruntled about the workings of the Vasai-virar Municipal corporation. These hoardings are the ones who has gheraoed me between the electric poles to sometimes road dividers and always on flyovers which obstructs and distracts my view on roads. I sometimes feel that if initiatives to develop these regions are in a full swing than why one need these publicity materials? Are you saying me that the laachar Janta is at home busy with their melodramatic life and cannot transform your stupid behavior, than just go on a pause mode and filter your foresight. This is nothing but the waste of space as you have already created a space crunch by demolishing shanties and developing illegal structures with no proper amenities in place and the ad-on to it are the HOARDINGS!! This shows lackadaisical behavior of the authorities- incharge and it suffocates me the most.  The tu-mera -kya –ukhadega attitude has created the rift between the public and the authorities as they cannot raise their timid voices against the not so typical goonda types.  
          I end my anguish thought which would again run down in my mind when I sleep, making me realize the difference between the aam aadmi and the higher authorities. The best way I calm my anger is by Uttering some good chosen gaalis to the person on the hoarding and then pity on the people because at the end people are the proven loosers.

A small note to the poster boys/girls:

Respected Netaji,
            Just one thing I plead to you sir/ madam please do not post your images everywhere  because you are not only ugly but you look horrible in those huge posters sometimes in a solo avtar and some in the group along with your chamchas while some grining at me as if I have stolen some booty of your looted maal.
Requesting you to please not waste our money in hoardings and name it social development.

Yours sincerely,
   Tax payer.

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