Wednesday, 25 July 2012

ACP Vasant Dhoble of Un/social Service Branch...????

The Scenario:

Assistant Commissioner of Police Vasant Dhoble, 57, has been accused by his severest critics of trying to Taliban-ise Mumbai. Mr Dhoble, who heads the Mumbai Police's Social Service branch, has been credited with the title of Mumbai’s Night Raider who is Usually armed, often with cameras, at least once with a hockey stick, Mr Dhoble arrives to enforce what many in the city believe are archaic laws.
Enforcing laws on bars, hookah joints, lodges indulging in sex trade, pubs and food joints. The use of Bombay Police Act to enforce law has not gone down well with several communities especially in South Bombay.
Many outlets and joints were booked under the Bombay Police Act, 1951, the Bombay Shops and Establishments Act, 1948, the Prevention of Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act and the Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act.
Backed by state home minister R R Patil, and with Mumbai Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik Dhoble says criticism does not affect him. I was appalled over the flouting of rules when I started raiding several points said Dhoble.

Media Attention

On June 8, Dhoble raided Cafe Zoe in Lower Parel, claiming that the establishment was playing loud music without a proper license and that the place was overcrowded, citing a rule of the Bombay Police Act which states that only 166 patrons can be accommodated in a 1,000-sq-ft area.

On June 5, Dhoble also courted controversy after the SSB raided Masala Curry, a restaurant in Andheri (West) and detained 11 women on suspicion of being involved in a prostitution racket.

After these two raids Dhoble became a nationwide debate with all the TV news channels showcasing Dhoble with a hockey stick shoving away a Bar’s manager, and vandalizing premises. Prime time coverage was given to Vasant Dhoble’s raids and was monitored frequently by news rooms.

Media and Public reaction.

Basically after the uproar over Dhoble raiding several places citing illegal activities, 2 major groups developed, one which was supporting Dhoble of his sincere duties to safeguard rights of the citizens and the 2nd group which said was leading to end the night life of Mumbai and the use of Archaic laws was an injustice done to several people. People were on roads protesting against Dhoble while another group was applauding for his raids.
In a scathing editorial in its mouthpiece 'Saamna' The Sena Chief Bal Thackeray Accused Dhoble of being Possessed and keeping the whole of Mumbai as hostage. ACP was also termed as mafia.  
Nothing wrong in imposing right values by Mumbai Police said The Hindu in the Editorial.
India today termed him as Mumbai’s Night Raider.
While Mid-day strongly criticised him in the articles titled “ Unsocial Service of ACP Dhoble”, in which he was compared to Hitler.
Manuela Saldhana, 48, Social worker from Bandra wrote an article for Hindustan times stating “We salute you, Mr Vasant Dhoble, and appreciated his ongoing raids in the locality.
Several socities and community groups came forward  to support Dhoble , Bandra Khar residents group were in the forefront supporting the moral policing by the SS branch.

Uproar on Social Networking sites.

A Facebook page called 'Dhoble - Oppressor of the Innocent Public' has 20,000 members.  Writer and commentator Pritish Nandy has described him as 'Public Enemy No 1' on Twitter.
While ACP Dhoble trended in all over India with people criticising him with satire as well terming him as Desi Batman.

(An assignment for Journalism and Public Opinion)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Rave a New Rage..!!

Blaring music amidst the cacophony of skimpily dressed girls, patrons getting drunk, inhaling substance, injecting syringes and dancing to the tune of Dum Maaro Dum seems to be the perfect setup for a bollywood movie. Reel life scenes now made real as Rave Parties are turning into a wild rage with several lives falling prey to fatal drugs. 
It is a well known fact that RAVE PARTY culture is spreading alarmingly in the big cities of our country.


Basically,rave is an electronic music dance party that lasts all night. Featuring DJs or live music performers. Raves usually take place in dark rooms filled with laser lights and strobes.
These parties originated in Rome nearly 2500 years ago when Roman men of means partied with women slave and mistresses. It was not a simple party as at this party all the participants consumed intoxicating drugs and wine. The idea was to really enjoy the party and make sex in exotic manners as the slaves and mistresses frequently exchanged partners for sex and involved all inhuman forms.The term is derived from the Jamaican word for party, rave, However the true rave parties didn't begin until the 80s era in India.
Statistics suggest 70 to 73% of drug abusers are youth (16 to 35 years of age).There are currently approximately 3 million drug addicts in India, therefore the number of youth who regularly use drugs is just over 2 million. Drugs like methamphetamines and hallucinogens do rounds in such parties. The use of date rape drugs, like the infamous Ketamines have increased drastically. 

Experts say:

"When asked teens why they use drugs, the answers varies from rebellion, boredom, to relax and simply just to experience it. Many agreed that after wanting to just try it, they liked the feeling and decided to continue using" said Ashley Narducci an activist for Anti Drug Abuse.
These drugs are banned as they dull the senses and a man or woman is not aware of his or her actions once under the influence of these drugs.Such narcotic drugs are not only banned in India but in the USA and Europe as well, said she.

Legal experts, who has handled numerous rave party cases, said the real culprits, the peddlars go loose and are never caught against whom conviction can be secured.
“The guests are mostly consumers of the contraband. They are charged under section 8 (c) of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS) Act, which is slapped on those found with a minimal quantity of contraband with the maximum punishment of six months imprisonment,” said advocate Shekhar Bhandary, an expert in handling cases under the NDPS Act.   
The Infamous Oakwood Raid.

As many as 44 out of 92 people rounded up during a high-profile rave party at Oakwood Premier Hotel in Juhu on May 20 have tested positive for drugs.
Police received samples for 46 of the 92 people, who attended the ‘sundown’ party. 44 of 46 males tested positive for drugs consumption.
Since party-goers are not accused of possessing ‘commercial quantity of drugs’, they would get bail after such arrests.
All those who tested +ve will later apply for drug rehabilitation in a government hospital as per section 64 (A) of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act.
2 persons who tested negative for drugs are Ramayan director and Bolywood biggie Ramanand Sagar's grandson Amrit and film financier Harish Sughand's son Rahul. Out of the 44, who tested positive, 27 had consumed cannabis, one had MDMA (better known as ‘Ecstasy’, a drug usually taken in a pill form), while 16 had consumed MDMA along with cannabis.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

My First Kiss....!!!

Her hair complementing her mascara spread eyes, spreading her hands to embrace nature,  her perfect white transparent wet shirt on her denim jeans, laughing, tickling, basking every drop of heavenly drops as she walked down the shores, Raindrops touching her smooth glowing skin. As she was fighting with her fine, black hair trying to tie with the finest quality of hair clip. Her hair blowing with the tune of the wind,still fighting and finally manages to tie it. Her fashionable blue sandal in hand; running down the shores enjoying every bit of moment spent together.
Yeah together...!!!
The lady of my dreams, the one i loved, the one i waited for so long, my soul partner; our souls entangled like beautiful petals. Her constant touches backed by goose bumps leaving me numb,
The perfectly tied hair running down her wet neck raised my already high testosterone levels. Heavy showers interrupt our eye contact as i dived in her resplendent eyes, as she turned away shying from the prolonged silence.
"Isn't rain beautiful?" she asked
Trying to break the strange silence.
"Rain is not beautiful without you", i said.
Trying to settle down the moment by giving a know-all smile.
This was the first time we were together so close, and deep in love.
While i gently held her soft hand she smiled looking on the other side avoiding my eye contact. As we stepped together in a different world. Our interlocked hands soon became a knot of love and i embraced her towards me. Clouds thundered even more louder, waves roared on the shores, I could hear her heavy breaths, her breasts touching my pounding heart, as my lips met with hers soft red lips, she chose to shut her eyes , the taste of her fully grown lips was like a freshly peeled orange. While i gazed at her but after some intimate moments, she opened her eyes to see me glaring at her. She went forward by giving me a bite on the neck.She did not cling, nor devour, but she met head on, an equal exchange of passion and energy. It was a kiss unlike any other, With a girl unlike any other. My lips runing down her neck while she caressed my back. Our lips still smacked under the blue open sky as gods showered their blessings and then...Splash...!! Splash...!!!
she was not there, she left me like always, left lonely with only water splashed by my brother trying to wake me up as i cursed, abused my brother with all the chosen gaalis.
The lady love vanished from the pleasant dream and i would miss her till the time i jump off to my bed.....!!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fair Well

Silent tears,

Starry smiles.
Waving hands,
Unsaid goodbyes.

Million memories,
Tugging the heart.
Sweet and sad,
Merry and mad.

Dreams fulfilled,
Wishes granted.
New paths and new dreams,
Unexplored and expansive.

A wish on the lips.
A tear in the eye.
Looking back,
With a wistful smile.
I bid adieu and say,
Fair..Well.. my friends...!!!

Everything's changed, and most importantly the thing that has changed is "THE TIME"...The destiny has called upon me and i had my's it's time for me to bid u goodbye.

The time we spent at our addas were pretty beautiful, the canteen gossips to fighting for project prep will never diminish from my mind. There were some things which i was unable to do/ say and its certainly mission unaccomplished. Let bygones be bygones...!!

A little bit of GYAAN....lena ho to lo varna jaane do...!!!

After our graduations we would creep for our own goals, the scenario can be easily compared to The sailing ships wondering in search of a destiny, a destiny so unexplored so unknown yet so real. Some ships might have conquered their home waters and ready to get the taste of the foreign lands while some would set out on a destination so unknown that only when they enter the waters they know how deep it really is! My friends,the ships are safer when anchored at the shores but they are not meant for that!
or enlightened minds I just want to say,Talk to people whom you have never talked to before and actually listen. Let yourself fall in love, break free, and set your sights high. Hold your head up because you have every right to. Tell yourself you're a great individual and believe in yourself, no one else will believe in you. Create your own life and then go out and live it.It's a different world outside.......You will only realize how big the world is when you walk alone in search of a destination so unknown to you. A world where only 1 rule pertains "survival of the fittest". A world so fluctuating where you get lost in your own thoughts, the only thing that remains with you my dear friends is "HOPE".

Well, I will leave you all with two words which can give a new meaning to your lives, a new direction to sail, a hint of the unexplored territories, the final words my friends 
"Stay Hungry! 
Stay Foolish´!

Today as I stand over here and look out to my wonderful friends a smile crosses my face with a tear in the eye.....

Two years ago our journey started at KES college. 

Together we made it through a stream of semesters and assignments, 

The strength of our class was very less, but the memories are countless. Strangers to each other we walked in and hand in hand we survived the great falls.

There were times we laughed, we cried, we screamed with joy. We participated as a team, won together, the feeling of victory, the excitement, all these moments we’ve shared are just priceless.

The feeling of having wonderful people around us was very beautiful. But the pain of moving away from them is even greater. But as we say everything’s a part of life as it goes on.

A beautiful journey comes to an end with hugs once again and promises to keep in touch....!!

जिंदगी में किस हद तक जाना है ये कौन जानता है,
किस मंजिल को पाना है ये कौन जानता है,
दोस्ती के दो पल, जी भर कर जी लो,
किस रोज बिछर जाना है, ये कौन जानता है

PS: Guys i hope the Admins would not kick me out of the KES TYBMM group after reading this post because i know i have screwed my farewell Post.