Hi, Welcome to my blog and my life.
 I’m 23 years-old guy from India.
I’m the kind of guy who’d rather write down his feelings than say them out loud, hence, this blog. I like to read and write.. I usually have lot of things swimming inside my head. I just don’t find the right words. Sometimes, I seem too mature for my age and sometimes, I act no better than a five year old. I’m the kind of guy you wouldn’t notice. I am a way too extrovert but often hide my inner thoughts. I have complicated thoughts which often makes me fall into trouble.                                    

Being Taurean

Words which describes me !!

                                                     FASHION AND ME..!!

                                      Don't judge me by your standards,

                                                    I won't measure up.

                                             I never do.I never want to.

                                                      I never intend to.

                                                        YEAH thats ME,
                                                        so complicated,
                                       interesting, funny and sometimes
                          Boring. (^o^) BUT THATS ME!!

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