Wednesday, 28 March 2012

JAI KISAN - the forgotten slogan.

First, it was Purushottam Manikrao Deshmukh, in 2003. Then, his younger son, Sunil, the very next year. And a then it was his elder son, Santosh. They all lived on credit, but died in installments, with burden of debt piling up.
(only for representation)
In four years, one family of the Deshmukhs in Katyar – a cotton producing village of about 3000 people 35 km east of Akola – lost all its men, one by one, to a crisis that has for sometime now, threatening to swallow families unto families across rural Vidarbha. Farmer, an element of growth and development of our motherland is cosuming slow poison ie. Poverty.
This thought of mine erupted from nowhere and ridiculed me about the Poor India.

On the other hand Richest India came into account when i was informed about the total travelling cost of Our beloved President, Pratibha Patil.
President Pratibha Patil's travel has cost the public exchequer (Indian citizens money) a whooping 205 crore. I was thwacked!! Being a cheapskate i drooled as soon as the freaky news channel showed the numbers '205 crores' in sometimes large, small, zoomed motions and repeated it several times. Then came list to places she visited  after assuming office "12 foreign trips covering 22 countries across four continents and spend 79 days abroad. She travelled to Russia, Switzerland, Brazil, China, Mexico, Mauritius, Chile, Bhutan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Spain, Poland, Tajikistan, UK, Cyprus, Austria, Laos, Cambodia, the UAE, Syria and South Korea" quoted the loyal newspaper. 

Travelling to different countries i know could be important for bi-lateral ties and friendly relations but travelling with large entourage doesn't make sense.
99 dignitaries, Yes I mean it NINETY NINE people accompanied Madam President which included family members, ministers,six cooks, 4 butlers, lady attendants and a stupid photographic officer. Cooks i can understand she might be food poisoned or she cant manage her diet routine or she was following the Protocol. But SIX COOKS?? Aha!!  Farmers in the agricultural pockets were committing suicides during this period and Mrs. President was enjoying her lavish vacation overseas.
When i type these words i feel like banging my keyboard and to smash it on our lame Prime Minister. Ok! its time i should calm down.

RTI applications has revealed that Air India incurred over Rs 169 crore on use of chartered aircraft, always a Boeing 747-400. Here it is.., the another revelation, matter of pride and honour. A good show to show India a bigger country by using bigger aircraft! Does it really matter?? 
David Cameron, British Prime Minister flew to India in a commercial airline that to in business class. Did this tarnish his prestige or the face of United Kingdom? Negative is the response.

Then why? I ask why our hard earned money is been spent to satisfy those greedy souls?? 
I could foresee phlegmatic Indians pouncing on these greedy souls to snatch their looted treasure and force them to pay for their misgivings.

The conditions of farmers lie in a sorry state or i could say worst state. Will this be the end of agricultural economy? or DOES IT HARDLY MATTERS TO ANYONE IF FARMER SUICIDES ?? 

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