Thursday, 16 February 2012

Are we a Democratic Upfront??

Are we a Democratic Upfront??

The abysmal turnout of voters in todays elections in Mumbai is abominable as Elections in Mumbai has been abjectly fallen apart. Are we still expecting to change the way it has been during all these long years awaiting the fresh polls to change the face of Mumbai? Than just shut the blattering mouth for next horrendous five years!

Is Mumbaikar's Chalta Hai attitude taking a toll on Mumbai life?, financial capital of Maharashtra with major responsiblity once again proved that one cant rely on Mumbaikars for its development and prgress. The right to vote and the way towards creating a new city altogether has been counted in meagre 46% votes, where is the Mumbaikars aberration which was seen when our city was hijacked by some handfull of terrorists and when bomb blasts shook us to the core. Is it that we are only concerned of our development in present times? If that so than today Mumbai feels abashed.

Now the Mumbaikar will arise when the beloved city is raped publicly by our netas with emerging scams, garbage strolling on the roads, when water doesn't suffice your thirst, when you fall sick due to epidemics, when traffic on roads always awards you abuses, when you see your corporator in a fancy car. Instead of arising take your bedsheet, cover your shameful face and hide under your cot as you are the ones who has simultaneously raped the Mumbai city and have failed the respect to protest aginst the wrong.

Enjoying the holiday with a peg of whiskey along with tandoori has drastically affected your living conditions which leaves you disqualified to complain about the misgivings about your corporator. Has Mumbai acclimatized to what we call public harrasment or are we still finding a word for this type of befuddling behaviour?

The one thing Mumbaikar will atleast learn from today's insensitive behaviour which i have termed is "BACKBITING" because you cant face your so-called elected representative and just lay back and complain about the lack of development and keep the topic of corruption in the back burner. But SURPRISE!! SURPRISE! sorry ha.. you have lost your right to complain too. So you have two option either keep your grumbling behaviour at bay when you get drowned in floods or when you see yourself amidst garbage bins OR wait for your neta to come to you next elections asking for votes after Long 5 YEARS!!

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