Monday, 16 January 2012

Mumbai Marathon

Mumbai on heels!!

Bhaag D.K Bose…!! If you think these people are inspired by this song then you seem to be in the different world. Mumbai was on the move for marathon held in the city this morning. A huge congregation of people participated in one of the biggest annual sporting events in our city. People from different walks of life participated in this event. Almost forty thousand people were seen enjoying the Sunday morning cheer. It seemed weather god was too interested in marathon thus making the day bit warmer. 
     The dream run in which around twenty thousand people with banners, balloons, cheers, shouts, lots of cheers, dancing on the way and a few yawning, lazy chumps stood off the tracks. 
      In the crowd  a person with  leaned body, support stick in hand,  barely able to walk was participating in this marathon to give a message to the young generation to live life to the fullest by spreading love and harmony…his age 99YEARS!!! SHOCKED!! SURPRISED! Even I was too.
    Senior citizens were seen enjoying, dancing their heart out, some giving social message, some dressed in patriotic avtars. Hats off for these young lads… hip hip hurray!!
      Later wheel chair events or we could say on the chair were special kids running a midst the soundtrack Tare zameen par!! You could sense the air of positivity, motivation and a message “No one could stop us from running” Young red haired boy, innocent, full of energy, disabled due to autism, shying away from camera with a pluck card in hand with an interesting message, "We live in your world, but play in ours”.  We always demand more and more from life but after watching these guys out there, having fun and cheering each other I felt I was just left out in this crowd were happiness was of importance and we people in this world are lost behind our ambitions and a run for money. The world they belong to is very special in which they are safe, happy, satisfied, love and care and in our world were jealousy, hatred, ambitions, money and wants which never ends has tangled our life.
         At the end of the day I felt motivated, inspired by these special people, and the effort worthwhile celebrating Mumbai’s remarkable spirit. Once again we Mumbaikar were at the best in showing the true spirit of what we call ‘Bambaiya style’....
                          YEH HAI MUMBAI MERI JAAN