Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fair Well

Silent tears,

Starry smiles.
Waving hands,
Unsaid goodbyes.

Million memories,
Tugging the heart.
Sweet and sad,
Merry and mad.

Dreams fulfilled,
Wishes granted.
New paths and new dreams,
Unexplored and expansive.

A wish on the lips.
A tear in the eye.
Looking back,
With a wistful smile.
I bid adieu and say,
Fair..Well.. my friends...!!!

Everything's changed, and most importantly the thing that has changed is "THE TIME"...The destiny has called upon me and i had my's it's time for me to bid u goodbye.

The time we spent at our addas were pretty beautiful, the canteen gossips to fighting for project prep will never diminish from my mind. There were some things which i was unable to do/ say and its certainly mission unaccomplished. Let bygones be bygones...!!

A little bit of GYAAN....lena ho to lo varna jaane do...!!!

After our graduations we would creep for our own goals, the scenario can be easily compared to The sailing ships wondering in search of a destiny, a destiny so unexplored so unknown yet so real. Some ships might have conquered their home waters and ready to get the taste of the foreign lands while some would set out on a destination so unknown that only when they enter the waters they know how deep it really is! My friends,the ships are safer when anchored at the shores but they are not meant for that!
or enlightened minds I just want to say,Talk to people whom you have never talked to before and actually listen. Let yourself fall in love, break free, and set your sights high. Hold your head up because you have every right to. Tell yourself you're a great individual and believe in yourself, no one else will believe in you. Create your own life and then go out and live it.It's a different world outside.......You will only realize how big the world is when you walk alone in search of a destination so unknown to you. A world where only 1 rule pertains "survival of the fittest". A world so fluctuating where you get lost in your own thoughts, the only thing that remains with you my dear friends is "HOPE".

Well, I will leave you all with two words which can give a new meaning to your lives, a new direction to sail, a hint of the unexplored territories, the final words my friends 
"Stay Hungry! 
Stay Foolish´!

Today as I stand over here and look out to my wonderful friends a smile crosses my face with a tear in the eye.....

Two years ago our journey started at KES college. 

Together we made it through a stream of semesters and assignments, 

The strength of our class was very less, but the memories are countless. Strangers to each other we walked in and hand in hand we survived the great falls.

There were times we laughed, we cried, we screamed with joy. We participated as a team, won together, the feeling of victory, the excitement, all these moments we’ve shared are just priceless.

The feeling of having wonderful people around us was very beautiful. But the pain of moving away from them is even greater. But as we say everything’s a part of life as it goes on.

A beautiful journey comes to an end with hugs once again and promises to keep in touch....!!

जिंदगी में किस हद तक जाना है ये कौन जानता है,
किस मंजिल को पाना है ये कौन जानता है,
दोस्ती के दो पल, जी भर कर जी लो,
किस रोज बिछर जाना है, ये कौन जानता है

PS: Guys i hope the Admins would not kick me out of the KES TYBMM group after reading this post because i know i have screwed my farewell Post.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Magical Monsoon Of Mumbai

Scorching heat, sweaty and smelly shirt I loaded in the crowded train as I tagged along the pole to gasp for air which was followed by a rowdy voice which yelled at me “ Oye thoda Hawa aane de” forcing me to take a step back as I grinned and cursed the raging sun. On my way towards an interview, I was left with a tanned face and sweaty body, still struggling for fresh air in that crunched compartment. Somehow I clambered on the Railway Bridge to call for an auto, the bumpy ride on Mumbai’s traffic jam + potholed roads left me = with a backache which miffed me further. I presented myself to the interviewer but I think I dint click off well, I was expecting for his positive response though it didn’t work out and I was left with sheer disappointment.

The very next day I was back to work in a disappointed state, with the feeling of disastrous and embarrassing failure, still wandering for yesterday’s debacle, left with no answers but bewilderment. As I was trying to gain control on my bizarre thoughts, the sky was filled with dark clouds, Birds hurriedly flying to their nests, vehicles started moving swiftly, I could see children running to the terraces of their buildings, folks scrambling to get the clothes drying on the window’s cloth-line inside, and It left a smile on my face... It was time. Mumbai monsoon had arrived.

And within no time, it began raining... Heavily...! I ran straight to the terrace... The feeling when the first drops of rain trickled down my face, played maze through my hair, and wet my clothes, was... Amazing..!!. It was ecstatic, euphoric, happy, joyous and what not! Still, these words can't completely describe that feeling. You have to feel it, to know it.

Couldn't stop gazing at the orange sky... Wondering how it rained from within the sunny sky! Mist surrounded the far-ends of the city... The railway headlight was visible dizzying away...
Through the water, memories, moments, people, situations and events seemed to have a flash back in my mind... The gushing winds hitting the face... The striking of the raindrops with force against the eye-lids... Blissful..! Often, the pain you get when the raindrops hit your face with amazing force seems like a punishment that you don't want to get through. At others, it's sheer pleasure.

Suddenly, the sun set and I could see the colors of the sky change swiftly from orange to silver to dark gray... And that's when I returned back to home...

It was about everything else, too. It always is. It's about happiness. It's about love. It's about washing away the sadness. It's about a celebration.

It's something much more than just a rain... It's a way of life...

It never ends with the rain... It's a feeling that you take with yourself, for the rest of your life... It's the magic of it which surrounds your life...

It's the realms and dreams of a beautiful day, the way hope refills in us, the way we feel happy that's so magical about it... Yes, most of us love the monsoon. Beyond the wet clothes, wrong timed rains, wet footwear, puddles of water, cold, cough and fever that usually follows, we all love it...