Thursday, 22 March 2012


If you think women are complicated, I reassure you, they ARE. Solving a Sudoku is much easier than understanding the enigma called “woman”. 
I may be too young to speak about the broad and multi-dimensional phenomenon of womanhood I don’t want to emphasize on what a woman CAN DO or SHOULD DO, I will just talk about what an average woman DOES. Nothing out of the box, none my imagination but all that is known, all that is the truth. Just what the reality is!


Womanhood is not about emotions, it is about an oceanful of emotions. The range of emotions is hugely vivid and extremely deep. Happiness, love, care, appreciation, hope, enthusiasm, anger, rage, fear, grief, despair, anxiety, surprise, apprehension, worry, envy—all runs in a woman’s blood and there is no turning away from this fact. women are sentimental. They love boundless, and hate endless. They hope for the best and worry about the worst. they get angry in a second, and melt in a moment. They care too much and fear too much. They can have more than one emotion at a time, which often comes across as confusion.
Emotions of a woman are her greatest strength and the driving force behind all the strong decisions. Emotions are an expression of femininity and not of fragility. Womanhood is all about feelings. 
Overtly active tear-glands are the hallmark of women. We don’t know when-where-why would they cry. They just do. Never ever take a woman’s tears as a sign of weakness. It is just a measure of her SENSITIVENESS. Tears of a woman could have four meanings:
Meaning 1: She is too happy and short of words to express it. These tears deserve simple acknowledgement.
Meaning 2: She is hurt and fearful. And she really is. These tears demand a sincere apology.
Meaning 3: She is in pain. And it is intense and inexpressible. These tears need genuine concern.
Meaning 4: She is just SHE. She has a million things to worry about. It may be her chipped nail or damaged hair; her dog might be ill, or that beggar child on the road, or Shah Rukh dying at the end of a movie, or the mention of another girl by her boyfriend more than twice, or a 0.000001-kilogram-increment in her weight. Anything and everything can stimulate those tear glands. And she can't control them as much as a man can't control ogling at women.
No! No man can understand the fourth meaning. The best (or the only thing) he can do is“to pretend to understand, to refrain from laughing, and to keep quiet!” She would be alright in some moments.


  • Yes! they love chocolates, teddies, kids, Shah Rukh, love stories and fairy tales. PEACE.
  • Yes! they are dreamy. And their dreams are beautiful. PHEW!
  • Yes! they don’t understand gadgets, bikes, football and maths. And we care the least. BLAH!
  • Yes! they are right in 90% of the arguments. In the rest 10%, the other person is wrong. WATCH OUT!
  • Yes! they don’t need continuous oxygen to live. they need non-stop talking. BLISS IT IS!
  • Yes! they know more than Google does. they can find out anything and everything. BELIEVE IT OR NOT!
  • Yes! There is a calendar in their brains and it registers every single date and anniversaries. And it is stored there forever.
  • Yes! they know only two adjectives: SWEET and CUTE! And only one interjection: “Awwwww!” Isn’t it so sweet?
  • Yes! they need 4–5 hours to get ready. And their time starts when others have already reached to the door. PATIENCE MAN!
  • Yes! Shopping, make-up, gossiping and giggling are their birth rights. No arguments. Full stop.


Womanhood is a constant struggle between heart and mind.
Womanhood is a continuous shuffle between rigidity and fragility.
Womanhood is a frequent shift between sensibility and sensitivity.
Womanhood is a regular alteration between stiffness and submissiveness.

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