Thursday, 5 July 2012

My First Kiss....!!!

Her hair complementing her mascara spread eyes, spreading her hands to embrace nature,  her perfect white transparent wet shirt on her denim jeans, laughing, tickling, basking every drop of heavenly drops as she walked down the shores, Raindrops touching her smooth glowing skin. As she was fighting with her fine, black hair trying to tie with the finest quality of hair clip. Her hair blowing with the tune of the wind,still fighting and finally manages to tie it. Her fashionable blue sandal in hand; running down the shores enjoying every bit of moment spent together.
Yeah together...!!!
The lady of my dreams, the one i loved, the one i waited for so long, my soul partner; our souls entangled like beautiful petals. Her constant touches backed by goose bumps leaving me numb,
The perfectly tied hair running down her wet neck raised my already high testosterone levels. Heavy showers interrupt our eye contact as i dived in her resplendent eyes, as she turned away shying from the prolonged silence.
"Isn't rain beautiful?" she asked
Trying to break the strange silence.
"Rain is not beautiful without you", i said.
Trying to settle down the moment by giving a know-all smile.
This was the first time we were together so close, and deep in love.
While i gently held her soft hand she smiled looking on the other side avoiding my eye contact. As we stepped together in a different world. Our interlocked hands soon became a knot of love and i embraced her towards me. Clouds thundered even more louder, waves roared on the shores, I could hear her heavy breaths, her breasts touching my pounding heart, as my lips met with hers soft red lips, she chose to shut her eyes , the taste of her fully grown lips was like a freshly peeled orange. While i gazed at her but after some intimate moments, she opened her eyes to see me glaring at her. She went forward by giving me a bite on the neck.She did not cling, nor devour, but she met head on, an equal exchange of passion and energy. It was a kiss unlike any other, With a girl unlike any other. My lips runing down her neck while she caressed my back. Our lips still smacked under the blue open sky as gods showered their blessings and then...Splash...!! Splash...!!!
she was not there, she left me like always, left lonely with only water splashed by my brother trying to wake me up as i cursed, abused my brother with all the chosen gaalis.
The lady love vanished from the pleasant dream and i would miss her till the time i jump off to my bed.....!!

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