Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I Invaded someone's privacy.

After finishing off my hectic exam  I had been looking for quite some time (I need them for a secret project), I was feeling like A. Raja after the 2G auction, the treasure-hunter who had finally reached the end of the rainbow. Thus in a state of light bliss,  I floated into a Udipi restaurant to have its trademark coffee its last surviving bastions of serenely austere, gazes down indulgently at those below, squabbling and dreaming. Where ancient waiters, dressed in white, go busily about, serving the wild hunger, hearing shh..shh,  Where amidst the clattering of cups and rustling of papers and the hustle-bustle of conversation, time flows slowly like honey over raisins. And where if you keep your ears open, you will catch a bit of gossip running down the tables.
I order hot coffee and pakodas. And as I sit soaking up the sauce, the oil and the caffeine. In its stead is a flat-screen TV showing MTV Roadies. Chikni Chameli plays in the background. On the counter is a staunch muchad anna, kanada accent, ordering waiters to settle down bills.
 I sit in silence for some time, soaking everything in like a sponge. The bill is settled. My wallet is not much hurt.
As i stand to move out i managed to hear out something which made my mind scroll down the times of my schooling days.
A well dressed, 2 middle class south Indian family on the centre most table. mother of the kid sitting opposite to each other and their kids sitting besides them.
Mother on the right side speaks about the academic development of her kid-
"you know my son got distinction in history!, this exam he didn't study at all. If he would have studied he could have scored much higher marks."
I stumbled upon the table as i heard these horrified lines. I went closer to their table and started enjoying their conversation. History and distinction meant to be distinct word during my school days. "Engage your kid in activities" said the lady.
How??, said the confused one,
My son goes to school by 7.00am- comes home at 1.00pm.
eats dinner, 
1.30 extra class, comes home at 5.00pm, 
Then 6.00pm does school work, class work, extra assignment, project.
 dinner 9.00pm. 
off to bed. 
AND the same routine cycle goes on.......... Symble!! (simple) Exclaims the lady.
I was horrified to hear the time table. Invading their privacy, over hearing their gossip/ advice( whatever) brought me to a concluding point of eduction, learning, present condition of students.. Blah Blaah!! 
The kid from 6th grade having routine time table of an Engineering student. For what??? I am Aghast to this stupidity of parents. 
At the end, expectations pile up, social pressure of chacha, mama, neighbours build and frustration level rises up, Science is the best option, My kid will become doctor, engineer, pilot, even before s\he has completed 10th grade.
There is no conclusion to my invasion as it has been the same earlier and would continue; as long as the term :   GENERATION GAP    :  is not understood and accepted.


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